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Spanish For Teachers

Whether your goal is to be able to conduct an entire class in Spanish or just be able to express to someone some basic ideas or instructions, Escuela Español Universal can help. When Spanish-speaking students comprise part of a classroom of predominately English-speaking students, even an occasional, carefully chosen word in Spanish can be extremely helpful and illuminating. Not only can Spanish help in the classroom, it can facilitate parent-teacher relations, where often a parent speaks significantly less English than his or her child. While mastery of Spanish takes considerable time and effort, even preliminary studies at Español Universal can help you master such concepts as spelling and pronunciation, allowing you to read stories aloud to the class. We can help you choose appropriate reading and learning materials, help you to understand the roots of similar words (cognates) in both languages and how to use this as a springboard for student learning and appreciation of the language. Español Universal can introduce you to you the basics of Mexican history – including the Aztec civilization – a subject which is usually captivating for students of any age.

"The classes exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the staff. Everyone is gracious, conscientious and considerate. When I return to Guanajuato I plan to take more classes at Espanol Universal."

Rebecca N.

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