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Cantarranas #52

Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico


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Carolina Rodriguez - Director

70% fluent in English

For as long as I can remember, I had a fascination with words, their magic and their endless potential. This fascination grew over the years the more intensely I studied the language. I began teaching Spanish in 1994 and after several years I felt that Guanajuato had a need for a language school with a difference, so I founded the Espanol Universal Spanish Language School. Espanol Universal is a small school, one that respects students who demand the highest level of excellence. Learning a new language is a challenge and if you like challenges then you are a potential student for this school where I will share with you the love I have for this wonderful language.

Alejandro Reza - Instructor

90% fluent in English

When I was young I read many books about the Spanish language, and Hispanic culture and literature, and I knew that I wanted to teach these subjects. I have degrees in Hispanic and English Literature at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and have been teaching Spanish for three years. Before coming to this school I took a certified teaching course and I am impressed by the teaching methods used here and how the school treats the students in a very personal manner.

Ana Cristina Marin Fonseca - Instructor

70% fluent in English

I've been teaching Spanish since 1998 and this is something that I really enjoy doing. My degree is in business and so I have also taught classes in business, accounting, and economics. I am currently learning English and French and know that learning a new language can be a great experience. I think Guanajuato is a great place to learn Spanish because you also learn about the culture, traditions, and history of Mexico and I believe this school offers the best learning experience in the city.

Hugo Rodriguez - Instructor

90% fluent in English

I like conversation and writing, and although my background is in a technical field (I have a degree in Mining Engineering), I like to talk about everything from politics to poetry, from medicine to music. I've been teaching Spanish since 2002 and I've found that I always learn from my students when I'm teaching.

"The classes exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the staff. Everyone is gracious, conscientious and considerate. When I return to Guanajuato I plan to take more classes at Espanol Universal."

Rebecca N.

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