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Cantarranas #52

Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico


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To reserve classes and lodging at Español Universal you may:

Complete the online registration form.

Print out the registration form and mail the completed copy to the address above.

E-mail the following information to the address above:


Arrival date

Departure date

Spanish experience level

Desired class

Lodging needs

After sending us your registration information with one of the methods above, please download, complete, and email us (as an attachment) the Spanish Language Placement Exam to help us determine your level, and to place you in appropriate classes.

"The classes exceeded my expectations. I'm impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the staff. Everyone is gracious, conscientious and considerate. When I return to Guanajuato I plan to take more classes at Espanol Universal."

Rebecca N.

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